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"I had my brows done at Bindingbeauty and have to say that the customer service and results were outstanding! Well worth the money spent."   Joan B.


Hurray! No more time spent applying eyeliner. The service was fantastic and I really liked the special treatment I received at Bindingbeauty. Sandee is a real professional and I definitely recommend contacting her if you're thinking about permanent makeup."   Shirley Fenwick, Kanata


"I was a little nervous about having any of this done at the outset but after Sandee explained everything I decided to go for the eyebrow enhancement procedure. I was a little freaked out after it was completed because there was a little swelling but that went down after a few days. A few weeks after the procedure things really started to look better and continued to improve. I love the way my eyebrows look now and would recommend having this procedure done."  Heather Upshaw, Ottawa


"My ex-girlfirends name was tattooed on my chest and I couldn't stand it another minute. I needed it out of there. The technician at BB explained the procedure and spent hours with me going over all my questions and concerns. The process to remove the thing wasn't as bad as the tattoo itself and results we're great. Tattoo gone, although it did take several visits to accomplish the final result. If you need a Tat removed, BB will do a bangup job at a good price."  Mike Dunnington., Nepean


"Needed a Tat removed from my forearm. Sandee did a great job for a good price. I'd recommend her if you need that kind of stuff done."   Amad K., Ottawa


"I contacted Binding Beauty to inquire about Lip Contouring. Sandee spent a few hours with me explaining the procedure and mocking up sketches for me. She took a picture and had detailed photoshop representations done of exactly how the end result would look. I approved the final and went ahead with the procedure which took a few hours. Very, very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Binding Beauty if you're looking for permenant makeup."   Laurie Bellington., Kanata



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