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Eyebrow Correction/Enhancement

Eyebrows are the frame for the face.   A well proportioned and artistically blended brow may be the most important procedure you can choose in making a significant and lasting enhancement towards a youthful appearance. This procedure is excellent for those with thinning brows either from natural hair loss or over tweezing, those with alopecia (hair loss condition), or those who find applying make-up difficult due to eye sight or steady hand issues.  Using your brow bone as a guide, a beautiful shape will be created that will define your face, lift your eyes and take years off of your appearance!

After measurements are taken and careful consideration given to the shape and thickness of the brow to be achieved, brows are temporarily drawn on for further consideration. You have the further option of having a detailed photoshop representation done of exactly how the end result will look.  At this stage, changes are easily made to the shape, positioning etc, prior to commencement of the procedure. 

Skill in choosing and blending colours is key, as it will ultimately determine the color and shade of the healed brow.  Following the administration of topical anesthetic, eyebrows are filled at the initial visit and then softly feathered at the free touch up visit , in order to simulate the appearance of natural hair. Natural hair that grows in a lateral pattern often causes a harsh appearance to the features, but brow enhancement can uplift the brow by intermingling upward-patterned hairs amidst the natural growth.


The permanent eyeliner procedure is currently the most popular permanent make-up procedure requested, and can be applied to both your upper and lower lids.  Some women prefer a thicker, more dramatic line, while others prefer something subtle, or somewhere in between.  Regardless, the eyeliner shape and color is created based on the individual look you want, taking into consideration your eye shape and spacing on the face relative to other facial features.  The goal is to optimize your look, while honoring your natural beauty. 

Eye Lash Enhancement

An eye lash enhancement is very similar to the eyeliner procedure. The difference lies in the placement of the pigment. The pigment is placed in between eyelashes, instead of a solid line over the lashes.  When pigment is placed between the lashes, it covers any skin showing between individual lashes. This gives the effect of darker and more distinctive eyes, and a deep yet natural look…. in fact, people will notice that your eyes look beautiful, but will not notice you have had a procedure!

If you are not sure whether you like a solid eyeliner, I recommend to BindingBeauty clients that a lash enhancement is the way to go. If a more solid line is desired once the first procedure is healed, it can be easily applied during the touch up appointment 6 to 8 weeks post initial pigment application.

Lip Contouring

Lip liner is also referred to as Lip Contouring. The result of this procedure is that your natural lip line becomes articulated in a delicate and natural way.

As a result, your lips are more noticeable and lipstick will not bleed. Some of the most beautiful aspects of the lip are the cupid’s bow and corners of the mouth, both of which can be complimented with the lip contouring procedure, resulting in a more charming and youthful look.


Lip Shading

Lip Shading is the process of filling in colour on the lips, once the Lip Contouring has taken place. This is optional, as Lip Contouring alone can make a significant difference to your look . Some individuals choose to have Lip Contouring only, and use lipstick or gloss to fill in colour.

So why have Lip Shading? Lip Shading will allow you to look like you have fresh lip colour all the time, 24 x7! Natural looking pigments are recommended for lip shading, however, client’s have a wide variety of colours and intensities from which to choose. Lighter pigments have a lower colour retention, while darker and more vibrant colour will stay longer.

If lighter colours are chosen, they can always be dressed up with a darker lipstick for times when a more dramatic look is desired. Anyone with a loss of natural lip color because of the aging process will benefit dramatically from this procedure. It is very important to note that, before undergoing either lip contouring or lip fill, each client is required to take a prescription drug, as prescribed by their own doctor, for 5 days pre- procedure and 5 days post- procedure, to avoid a possible Herpetic outbreak, which can compromise the permanent lip colour.

Herpes can lead to colour loss and patchy lip look even if the outbreak occurs months after the lip colour has been applied. Clients who experience frequent outbreaks and have no visible Herpetic scarring are advised to stay away from permanent lip colour. Case by case evaluation is necessary for clients who have visible Herpetic scarring and wish to even out their lip shape and colour. These clients need to be aware that more scarring can occur in the future with every outbreak they have and that there is a risk of colour lifting when these outbreaks occur. So, despite the fact that a permanent lip colour is extremely convenient, this procedure is not for everyone and individual factors need to be thoroughly considered before undergoing this procedure.

Tattoo Removal

BindingBeauty is pleased to bring our customers a new and unique tattoo removal/lightener system, Eliminink. Eliminink is a “binding” technology for removal of unwanted tattoos.

There are many reasons for the use of Eliminink Tm for tattoo removal:

  • Permanent makeup corrections
  • Unwanted names and/or designs
  • Career moves
  • Gang related tattoos
  • Tattoo markings for radiation
  • Tattoo re-design

The Eliminink Tm tattoo removal system is a 3 part system consisting of :

  1. MicroNum Tm, is a topical anesthetic, used to numb the area to be worked on.  It is re-applied throughout the procedure.
  2. The Eliminink Tm solution bonds with the original tattoo ink or permanent makeup pigments and draws the ink up through to the skin surface, where it is wiped away.  The Eliminink Tm is non colour dependant, meaning it is effective on all colours equally. This is important because it reduces the number of procedure appointments required, making it easier on your skin. The Eliminink Tm is applied using a “tattoo over procedure” using pointilism, and the same equipment as is used for Permanent Makeup.
  3. DermRenu Tm, is a scar tissue treatment and an important part of the after-care program.  It contains a tissue repair serum containing Centella Asiatica (also known as the Gotu Kola leaf), an ancient Eastern rejuvenation herb used to aid in the natural healing process. The people of China, India, Java and Indonesia have for thousands of years regarded this powerful herb as a “miracle elixir of life."

Why choose the Eliminink Tm method of tattoo removal over others?

The Eliminink Tm method is less painful and faster than other typical treatment methods such as laser and topical fade creams. It is less expensive than removal by laser, and the ingredients in Eliminink Tm actually contain scar inhibitor, in addition to the scar inhibitor used in the after-care treatment. The scar inhibitor (DermRenu Tm) is so effective, it may actually remove scarring that occurred when the Tattoo was originally done. Because Eliminink Tm works on all colours of tattoo ink, it eliminates that need for visiting more than one practitioner for removal. It is simple, safe and easy to use. Finally, it has a strong after-care program that assists with healing, which results in a good outcome.

Is there any kind of tattoo that Eliminink Tm cannot be used on?

Eliminink Tm can be used on all tattoos and permanent make-up, with the exception of eyeliner.


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