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About Us

Sandee Kimmons - Owner Binding BeautyBindingBeauty Micro Pigmentation Clinic was founded and is directed by Sandee Kimmons, who is a Certified Micro Pigmentation Specialist, practicing the artistic application of Permanent Make-up and Tattoo removal in the Ottawa area. Sandee trained at North America’s leading facility, “ The Micro -Pigmentation Center, Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

At the Micro-Pigmentation Center, she completed an intensive and hands on course in Permanent Make-up procedures. Additionally, she is Certified in Tattoo Removal (featuring “Eliminink” ) having studied and developed her skills with Pat Shibley Gauthier, CPC, who is one of the leading permanent makeup experts, educators and industry safety advocates in Canada.

Sandee has taken training in “ Makeup Artistry” from Algonquin College, and is on the volunteer registry for the “Look Good, Feel Better” program for Cancer patients. Sandee holds an undergraduate Honour’s Degree from York University in Toronto, majoring in Physical Education, Anatomy and Human Physiology. She also holds a Bachelor’s of Education from Ottawa University and has Graduate level training in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation from Carleton University. Sandee’s extensive professional and educational background allow her to bring professionalism, creativity and focus to her practice and to every customer. Because we live in a visual society, any opportunity to enhance our natural beauty, seems a natural choice. Sandee looks forward to partnering with each and every one of you to take the time to get to know you, and design the look that is right for you as an individual.  She is dedicated to sharing her professional skills and artistic abilities, in order to enhance and honor your beauty.

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